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Six Ways That Dogs Help Us Heal

In so many ways, every dog is a therapy dog.   1 – Dogs Are a Reflection of Our Energetic State Watch a dog for any length of time and […]

PTSD divorce

PTSD After Divorce

Can you develop PTSD after divorce? When my husband left, I trembled for a year. That’s not just some figurative language used to convey emotion; I literally shook. For a […]

So Your Ex Wants to Be Friends?

I am in complete and total awe and amazement of those who manage to be friends with their exes after divorce. I feel like I’m doing well to be able […]

The Subterfuge of Scarcity

I listened to an NPR podcast recently that explored the connection between poverty and the mental capacity for problem solving and planning for the future. On the one hand, the […]

Dumping Dysfunction

Raise your hand if you’ve ever dated (or married) someone that now makes you shake your head in disbelief. Don’t be shy. You’re not alone. Now, take an honest look […]

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