Trying to Think in a Time of Stress

I wrote a blog post over the weekend. Then, after it was published, I went back and reread it. And I noticed something startling. In half a dozen cases, I left out whole words. Not typos. Not the wrong word. Or even a missing letter. Simply no word at all. And that’s not the allContinue reading “Trying to Think in a Time of Stress”

5 Reasons You’re Still Thinking About Your Ex (and What You Can Do About It)

I have this image of the brain after a breakup. It’s laid out like the room that manages all of the electricity for a large building. Huge levers line the walls where the power can be controlled to each section of the building. One by one, you shut down each breaker that sends energy toContinue reading “5 Reasons You’re Still Thinking About Your Ex (and What You Can Do About It)”

Thoughts Overdone

I’m starting to get nervous. Sleep has become a little more difficult. I’m reverting to my safe place in my head where I rehearse and try on various if…then scenarios. I’m making lists (Yes, plural. I’m just cool like that:) )and planning food because it keeps my mind off the imminent reality. No, I’m notContinue reading “Thoughts Overdone”

Thought Patterns

The way we pattern our thoughts has an enormous impact on our mental health and happiness. Thought patterns can be divided into two main categories. I’m going to call these recursive and input-output. A note to those who are math-phobic: I am going to use some math concepts to explain these thinking patterns. Stay withContinue reading “Thought Patterns”