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Pep Talk

I’m feeling anxious today. But before I get to that, I have to share with you a few pictures from my spring break this year. It was the inaugural trip with a dear friend...

holding on 1

Signs You’re Holding On When It’s Time to Let Go

Letting go is hard. Damned hard. I first learned this as a young child, exploring my grandmother’s basement, packed to the ceiling with carefully labeled and organized items as though she was preparing to...

PTSD divorce 4

PTSD After Divorce

Can you develop PTSD after divorce? When my husband left, I trembled for a year. That’s not just some figurative language used to convey emotion; I literally shook. For a year. My body quaked...

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52 Things to Do When You’re Feeling Lonely

Feeling lonely sucks. The sense of being disconnected and unseen can pull us down as certainly as a lead weight affixed to our ankles. Loneliness isn’t always apparent to others. The person who lives...


5 Tips For Managing Your Pre-Divorce Anxiety

You’ve made the decision to divorce. Maybe you’re ready for it to be over after months or years of trying to make it work, looking forward to closing this chapter so you can begin...

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