I’ve witnessed an uptick in home renovations over the past several weeks. Home Depot is busier than ever, dumpsters fill area driveways and signs advertising handymen are planted amongst the flowers in many of the yards. As I walk and run the neighborhood streets, I keep track of these remodeling jobs. I take note ofContinue reading “Renovation”

I Was Wrong

I was wrong. Very wrong. And I couldn’t be happier about it. When we were house hunting last summer, Brock expressed his lifelong dream of converting a basement into a theater. I responded with my not-a-lifelong fear of basements. No, really. Read this. As the house hunt became a home reality, this became a sourceContinue reading “I Was Wrong”


One of the more difficult losses during divorce is the loss of security. On an emotional level, you are vulnerable and facing the realization that the stability you imagined only existed in your mind. On a physical level, you may have to move, you may be the sole adult in the home and your financesContinue reading “Security”