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I Was Wrong

I was wrong. Very wrong. And I couldn’t be happier about it. When we were house hunting last summer, Brock expressed his lifelong dream of converting a basement into a theater. I responded with...



One of the more difficult losses during divorce is the loss of security. On an emotional level, you are vulnerable and facing the realization that the stability you imagined only existed in your mind....


And Exhale

We are finally moved in. The movers carried in our furniture yesterday and we carried out the last box not long after. Other than a few details on the main levels (and a basement...


Life Flipper

My best friend not only gave me a place to stay after my divorce (Wanted: The Ronald McDonald House for the Recently Separated), she also provided me with the best line ever when people...


Here I Go Again

I guess sometimes the third try is the charm (just, please not for marriages…two is plenty!). After putting in three offers on three different houses, we are finally under contract and set to close...

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