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Here I Go Again

I guess sometimes the third try is the charm (just, please not for marriages…two is plenty!). After putting in three offers on three different houses, we are finally under contract and set to close...


Drama Queen

“Hi. My name’s Lisa and I’m addicted to drama.” Luckily that’s not true. But that hasn’t always been the case. Until the divorce, my life was pretty drama-free. I grew up in a stable...


The Gift of Giving

I received a gift tonight. No, not one that was wrapped and sitting under a tree, nor one that came in a box at all. The gift I received tonight was the gift of...


Perfection in a Chipped Plate

In my old house, I strove for perfection.  My ex and I were constantly laying tile, painting walls, building furniture, and then repainting walls. We looked for furniture, dishware, and accessories that would give...

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