Memories and Moments

This morning marks one year since I said “I do” again. Even though I always knew I wanted to be married again, it was still a scary decision to actually do it. To take that risk. To be vulnerable. But I am so glad that I did.   We celebrated our anniversary this past FridayContinue reading “Memories and Moments”

So the Wind Blows

The storm pummeling Atlanta today has been described already as “historic.” I’m not sure if that will be the case but the howling wind and pelting ice outside my window certainly sound as though they are harbingers of the winter apocalypse. I keep having flashbacks to the only other major ice storm I’ve been through. ItContinue reading “So the Wind Blows”

Black Ice

One of the worst car accidents I’ve ever seen happened on black ice. It was several years ago, in front of the school where I used to work. It was a cold morning, well below freezing, but there had been no precipitation for days and so there was no expectation of ice. It turned outContinue reading “Black Ice”

Ramblings From a Crazed Mind

Something about living amongst boxes makes me feel as though I’m scatterbrained. At least it’s temporary. I hope. I’m a bit too scattered to compose a complete and cohesive post, so I’ll share some of my random thoughts with you today. This is the birthday gift my dad sent me.          Continue reading “Ramblings From a Crazed Mind”