10 Ways Dating is Like Shopping For a New Wardrobe

  1 – You know those items you bought because they represented who you want to be seen as or because they were marked on sale only to languish in the back of the closet because they never were really quite right? It’s easy to do with people too – to drift into a relationshipContinue reading “10 Ways Dating is Like Shopping For a New Wardrobe”

In the Midst of Chaos

In the midst of chaos, recognize what works. And find peace. I had two harbingers of good will yesterday: 1) I had quite a bit of wall patching and painting to do at our current rental to appease the great and powerful landlord. I had appointed myself this task last night. I removed all hardware fromContinue reading “In the Midst of Chaos”

Playing House

I’ve been playing house lately. The hunt for a home has continued and we are currently in negotiations on another house. Chances are, we won’t get it because we are willing to walk instead of paying more than the comps suggest. That doesn’t stop us from playing house, however. We’ve talked through how each spaceContinue reading “Playing House”

I Have a Crush

I first caught a glimpse of him online last night. The description was brief, but the pictures drew me in instantly. I was hooked. I dreamed of him last night, imaging the future we could have together. Picturing our lives intertwined. When I awoke this morning, he was still on my mind, even though IContinue reading “I Have a Crush”