When to Ask the Hard Questions?

When I first entered the online dating arena 4 1/2 years ago, the choice of providers was simple. I was warned away from OKCupid’s “hook-up” culture (which, from what I hear, has shifted in the years since). eHarmony rejected my “separated” marital status and, besides, they promoted themselves as the site used to find aContinue reading “When to Ask the Hard Questions?”

Relax. It’s Just a Date

I met with a divorced friend the other day. She was seeking my advice on navigating the online dating world. She had created her profile and interacted with a few men, but not was not having the success she imagined. I asked her what her approach had been so far. She described her bio andContinue reading “Relax. It’s Just a Date”

I Have a Crush

I first caught a glimpse of him online last night. The description was brief, but the pictures drew me in instantly. I was hooked. I dreamed of him last night, imaging the future we could have together. Picturing our lives intertwined. When I awoke this morning, he was still on my mind, even though IContinue reading “I Have a Crush”