Goodbye Perfect

My new car has its first battle wound. A 4-inch scrape on the rear quarter panel that I spotted after work on Thursday. My first response was disbelief, how could this laceration be there? Yet its reality was confirmed when it failed to rub off with an improvised buff from the corner of my jacket.Continue reading “Goodbye Perfect”

The “F It” Point

I’m not sure the exact moment I reached the “F it” point with my car, but I can easily identify the factors that contributed to the mindset. I think it started with the broken trunk that refused to open without a complicated and tedious routine that involved simultaneously twisting a key, wiggling a latch andContinue reading “The “F It” Point”


I don’t believe my ex intended to leave the marriage via text. In fact, what I think he had planned was much worse. I was across the country when he packed his belongings into his car and drove away from his life. I was supposed to return to Atlanta six days later, where I wasContinue reading “Alone”

The Husband Test

I think I’ve developed a new test to see if a guy is husband material. Now, it’s probably not foolproof and I’m not going to offer a money-back guarantee or anything, but then again, I’m not going to charge you anything for it either. All you have to do is go car shopping with him.Continue reading “The Husband Test”