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Goodbye Perfect

My new car has its first battle wound. A 4-inch scrape on the rear quarter panel that I spotted after work on Thursday. My first response was disbelief, how could this laceration be there?...

f it 9

The “F It” Point

I’m not sure the exact moment I reached the “F it” point with my car, but I can easily identify the factors that contributed to the mindset. I think it started with the broken...



I don’t believe my ex intended to leave the marriage via text. In fact, what I think he had planned was much worse. I was across the country when he packed his belongings into...


The Husband Test

I think I’ve developed a new test to see if a guy is husband material. Now, it’s probably not foolproof and I’m not going to offer a money-back guarantee or anything, but then again,...



My husband made me cry today. Yeah, I know. He didn’t really “make me” cry. I have the choice in how I respond, blah, blah, blah. Because the way I see it today is...

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