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The Value of Therapy

“What is the value of therapy?” the email continues, after the writer has detailed her struggles moving through divorce. Another message contains the statement, “I’ve been in therapy for years and I’m wondering if...


Five Experiences EVERY Kid Should Have

I have now earned the moniker “adventure momma.” Last year, I took my dear friend’s daughter (then eight) on a zip line/aerial course with the promise that, if she enjoyed herself, it would become...

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We Don’t Talk About That

It usually starts in childhood. The son learns to play the clown whenever the topic of conversation begins to make his father uncomfortable. The daughter of divorced parents learns that mentioning the other parent...


The Perks and Problems of Being an Only Child

I just saw a former student from a few years back. “How are you?” I inquired, looking at the almost-adult in front of me. “Great,” she replied, “I just got my license today!” “Awesome!...


Guest Post: How I Told My Kids We Were Getting Divorced

For many people, the most difficult part about divorce is the impact on the kids. And this starts on the day that you tell them about the divorce. Author L.J. Burke shares his story...

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