We Don’t Talk About That

It usually starts in childhood. The son learns to play the clown whenever the topic of conversation begins to make his father uncomfortable. The daughter of divorced parents learns that mentioning the other parent has a tendency to end in tears, so it’s better to simply keep quiet. At school, any mention of financial strugglesContinue reading “We Don’t Talk About That”

In Perpetuity

“Mom, what does ‘in perpetuity’ mean?” I asked from the backseat as we drove by an intown San Antonio theater advertising Rocky Horror Picture Show Friday 10 pm  with the unfamiliar words posted beneath. “It means it keeps repeating, going on without end.” “So they show that same movie every Friday? That’s dumb,” I concludedContinue reading “In Perpetuity”

No One Said it Was Easy

I read a post this morning that reminded me of a particular experience in my life. For just over a year in my mid teens, I volunteered on the oncology floor of a children’s hospital. Upon arrival each Sunday, my job was to open the playroom to the kids on the floor that were ableContinue reading “No One Said it Was Easy”

Childhood Lessons From Unlikely Teachers

Childhood is a time where every encounter and every experience contains a lesson. Here are ten of my favorite childhood lessons and the (sometimes shocking) teachers that related them. Lesson: Acceptance Teacher: Selling shampoo to naked people How it went down: I grew up in an environment where nudity was acceptable. From a young age,Continue reading “Childhood Lessons From Unlikely Teachers”