A Trip to Remember

The original forecast wasn’t that bad –  one night that would dip into the 20s and daytime highs in the 40s with clear skies and no chance of precipitation. Perfect camping and hiking weather. But as we know, what we expect isn’t always what life delivers. In this case, I think the computer that calculatedContinue reading “A Trip to Remember”

But What About the Turkey?!?!

“But what about the turkey?” are always the first words out of my students’ mouths when they hear I’m going camping for Thanksgiving. I laugh and explain to them that as a vegetarian,  a turkey  dinner isn’t exactly a critical concern of mine and that my husband can easily forgo meat for a few days.Continue reading “But What About the Turkey?!?!”

8 Lessons From the Campground

Our annual Thanksgiving camping trip is only days away. The long underwear has been unearthed and the tent located. My weekly shopping list makes it clear that I am preparing for cold weather and hearty appetites. I love our times at the campground – they have been a key part of our relationship from theContinue reading “8 Lessons From the Campground”