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The Most Important Lessons From My Divorce

Often the lessons we need most are the ones we are most resistant to. I never wanted to be divorced. In fact, losing my husband, through any means, was my greatest fear in life....


4 Lessons From 4 Years of (Re) Marriage


How to Learn When the Test Comes Before the Lesson

I love the quote about life being a cruel teacher, administering the test before the lesson (which I believe is from Oscar Wilde originally and is now being attributed to Drake??). And it’s true,...

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7 Things I DIDN’T Learn in Kindergarten

Supposedly, we learned all that we needed to know in kindergarten. Apparently, I should have been held back. Here are 7 lessons I didn’t master until later: You Don’t Always Have to Say You’re...

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I’m Determined to Make Marriage Work: Valuable Lessons From Divorce

“A second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.” Oscar Wilde “This is it, though.” I said to my then-boyfriend when he brought up the idea of marriage. “I want to be married...

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