When New Information Comes to Light

I became conditioned to be afraid of the mail. And the ringing phone. Even email had the ability to send my stomach plummeting down towards my feet. Because each intrusion had the potential of bringing new information about my ex husband to light. In retrospect, the pattern was quite clear: Stage 1 – Status QuoContinue reading “When New Information Comes to Light”

7 Things I DIDN’T Learn in Kindergarten

Supposedly, we learned all that we needed to know in kindergarten. Apparently, I should have been held back. Here are 7 lessons I didn’t master until later: You Don’t Always Have to Say You’re Sorry “Tell her you’re sorry,” the teacher admonished my classmate when I became upset, assuming that the boy next to meContinue reading “7 Things I DIDN’T Learn in Kindergarten”

8 Things I Wish I Had Known During Divorce

Experience is quite a teacher, isn’t she? No matter how many books we read or how many pieces of advice we receive, there are certain matters you only truly understand after you have lived through them. And, for roughly half of us, that life experience includes divorce. The following are the lessons from divorce thatContinue reading “8 Things I Wish I Had Known During Divorce”