Planning On Being a Stay At Home Parent? Make Sure You Consider THIS First!

Are you thinking of becoming a stay at home parent?   Brock and I recently finished watching the series Boardwalk Empire, which takes place in the Prohibition-era United States. After watching one heart-breaking scene with a woman and her kids, Brock turned to me. “It’s so sad how women were trapped in bad marriages orContinue reading “Planning On Being a Stay At Home Parent? Make Sure You Consider THIS First!”

Guest Post: Are you there, Divine? It’s me, Keri.

While I am away for a few days, I am sharing a series of guest posts from some awesome bloggers. This one is from Keri Rumley, a single mom and expressive art therapist. She explains why she writes on her About page: I began this blog as an attempt to utilize my own creative process asContinue reading “Guest Post: Are you there, Divine? It’s me, Keri.”

For All You Parents…

I wrote this piece about how to help your child in math for Yahoo. This is the same advice I give the parents of my 8th graders during open house every year. I find the parents are often more fearful of algebra than the students:) I thought I’d share it here as well, since IContinue reading “For All You Parents…”

Mommies Are Tired

I test drove motherhood this week. I was one of 18 chaperones on a three-day trip to Savannah with over 200 8th graders. I love these trips, but they are such a shock to my system as I go from no kids to being completely responsible for a group of 16 and sharing responsibility forContinue reading “Mommies Are Tired”