Guest Post: Are you there, Divine? It’s me, Keri.

While I am away for a few days, I am sharing a series of guest posts from some awesome bloggers. This one is from Keri Rumley, a single mom and expressive art therapist. She explains why she writes on her About page: I began this blog as an attempt to utilize my own creative process asContinue reading “Guest Post: Are you there, Divine? It’s me, Keri.”

Endings Suck

Normally I would try to come with a more upbeat title or at least a clever one. But my brain just isn’t there right now. There’s no way around it. No sugarcoat sweet enough. It doesn’t matter if it’s expected and natural. Endings just plain suck. Ms. Kitty, of S**t Where You Eat Fame, isContinue reading “Endings Suck”

On My Terms

My cat has always been affectionate. But she has only recently become wise. For most of her 17 years, she would only allow affection on her terms. If she was picked up, she would squirm out while uttering an irritated yowl. If she was caressed, she would walk away, only to return later to demandContinue reading “On My Terms”

S**t Where You Eat

My cat is displeased. Perhaps it’s the stress of the move. Or something she does not quite like about the new home. Or the new litter box is the wrong shade of blue. Or maybe she has also developed a basement phobia. Regardless of the reason, she is not happy and she is letting meContinue reading “S**t Where You Eat”