If There Has to Be An Ending, Why Not Make It a Good One?

My school of the last five years is involved in a meiosis of sorts, splitting and dividing into two halves, each pulling some of its identity from the whole. Good schools become families, adults coming together with the shared goal of nurturing and launching children. The restructuring of a school is the break up ofContinue reading “If There Has to Be An Ending, Why Not Make It a Good One?”

Guest Post: Aho Matakuye O’yasin

While I am away for a few days, I will be sharing posts from a series of guest bloggers. Today’s post is from Lesley Pearl, who is a …writer, massage therapist, and body-image/weight-loss coach living in Chicago. Her blog, “A Wandering Jewess,” chronicles life after marriage in a series of weekly solo dates and spiritual journeys. SheContinue reading “Guest Post: Aho Matakuye O’yasin”

Notes From a Week Away

It feels strange sitting here in front of my computer again. It’s been a solid week since I have sat here, my fingers on the keyboard. It’s good to take breaks sometimes – a needed pause to restore and a break in the routine. But it also feels good to be back. After all, IContinue reading “Notes From a Week Away”

Endings Suck

Normally I would try to come with a more upbeat title or at least a clever one. But my brain just isn’t there right now. There’s no way around it. No sugarcoat sweet enough. It doesn’t matter if it’s expected and natural. Endings just plain suck. Ms. Kitty, of S**t Where You Eat Fame, isContinue reading “Endings Suck”