If There Has to Be An Ending, Why Not Make It a Good One?

My school of the last five years is involved in a meiosis of sorts, splitting and dividing into two halves, each pulling some of its identity from the whole. Good schools become families, adults coming together with the shared goal of nurturing and launching children. The restructuring of a school is the break up ofContinue reading “If There Has to Be An Ending, Why Not Make It a Good One?”

Introducing the Thriver’s Club

Days after my tsunami divorce, my mom turned to me and told me I would survive. I actually got angry and responded rather strongly, “No, I will not survive. I will thrive. To do anything less is to remain his victim.” I saw surviving as the bare minimum; the mere intake of breath and foodContinue reading “Introducing the Thriver’s Club”

Anniversaries That Aren’t

This one passed with barely any recognition. It was just another day. I only became aware of its familiar form as I was signing passes for students. Yesterday marked what would have been (note: NOT what should have been) the 14th anniversary of my first marriage. And there were no ghosts. No whimpers from theContinue reading “Anniversaries That Aren’t”

Anniversaries That Aren’t

Today would have been my thirteenth wedding anniversary. Thirteen years ago today, I married my high school sweetheart on an empty beach in Florida. The photos from that day capture the love we had. The youth. The innocence. The promise. What would have been our tenth anniversary was the hardest. He has left five monthsContinue reading “Anniversaries That Aren’t”