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Lessons From the End of a Marriage

A “How to Thrive” Guide After Divorce

If There Has to Be An Ending, Why Not Make It a Good One?

My school of the last five years is involved in a meiosis of sorts, splitting and dividing into two halves, each pulling some of its identity from the whole. Good schools become families, adults coming together with the shared goal of nurturing and launching children. The restructuring of a school is the break up ofContinue reading “If There Has to Be An Ending, Why Not Make It a Good One?”

Digital Dumps

So, I guess ending a relationship via text is now an acceptable thing. At least that’s what this article from Psychology Today seems to suggest. The piece calls ending it via text “tacky,” yet seems to feel that is a justifiable way for the man (is this always done by men?) to initiate a break-up.Continue reading “Digital Dumps”


Today marks four years since I received the text message that ended my marriage. I’m celebrating – not the end of the marriage but the life and love that I have found since. I used to mark July as a disaster, now I can see it as a beginning.


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