Understanding This Strange Truth About Rejection Lessens Its Sting

I am a complete failure when it comes to softball. As a kid, whenever I was forced into playing, I moved my (inevitable) outfielder position to inside the tree line that surrounded the field. I figured this way I was safe from being hit from any rocketed balls and my inability to cover the territoryContinue reading “Understanding This Strange Truth About Rejection Lessens Its Sting”

Awakening From Hibernation

In some areas, it’s not quite spring but we are well over winter. The trees and flowers are just beginning to stir. The first signs of the cherry blossoms have appeared. The daffodils are letting their yellow undercoats peek out at the tepid sun. Tree branches are rounded with the soft buds of the newContinue reading “Awakening From Hibernation”

Hope is a Passive Verb

I experienced a moment of synchronicity this past weekend – just as I was typing, “I hope the Ravens win,” a Tweet showed up on my feed about the limitations of the word “hope.” Patrick Brady (@MrMindMiracle) compares “hope” to the word “try,” pointing out the inherent weakness implied by both. The thought made me pause.Continue reading “Hope is a Passive Verb”