How Teaching 8th Grade Helped Me Through Divorce

“I don’t get it,” one of my coworkers said to me the other day, “All of a sudden I have a bunch of kids failing that have always been A or B students!” “That’s normal this time of year,” I explained, “As high school looms ever closer, some of them express their fear through self-sabotage.Continue reading “How Teaching 8th Grade Helped Me Through Divorce”

I Never Learned This in School

So December 2013 is another month marked by yet another school shooting. It’s almost commonplace now yet as I looked around the excited faces of our middle schoolers at their annual basketball pep rally this afternoon, it’s unimaginable. I cannot envision one of them turning on their classmates and teachers with a deadly weapon. IContinue reading “I Never Learned This in School”


Next week, I will meet 120 strangers. They won’t remain strangers for long. I’ll soon learn their names (okay, maybe “soon” isn’t the right word…this seems to take longer and longer every year!). I’ll discover their likes and dislikes, their celebrity crushes (please no Bieber this year!) and their favorite clothing brands. I’ll hear aboutContinue reading “Expiration”

The End.

You would think that I would be used to endings by now. I finish several books a week, following the tales to their final word. I run races, keeping my eye on the finish line. My weekdays are filled with bells that signal the end of a class period seven times a day. I’ve beenContinue reading “The End.”