How We Handle Failure

As I was reacquainting myself with my students last week (yes, we start school WAY too early in the south!), I reminded them of my belief that the math they will learn in my class is important. But the lessons in learning how to handle frustration and failure are even more important. Because, let’s faceContinue reading “How We Handle Failure”

Putting the Lessons Into Play

My husband discussed some hard stuff with me the other day. I’m proud of him for his self-awareness and courage and I’m also proud of me. Because my response, both in moment and in the days after, truly reveals how much I’ve grown since my first marriage.   I didn’t overreact, so I could beContinue reading “Putting the Lessons Into Play”

Forgiving Yourself

I’ve done some dumb things.  Some things I’m not proud of. And some that I’m embarrassed about.   I’ve made bad decisions. Followed by worse ones. And held tightly to some bad assumptions.   I’ve inadvertently hurt those I’ve loved. Made others feel badly. And neglected to own up to my faults.   I couldContinue reading “Forgiving Yourself”

Why Refusing to Admit to a Mistake Can Be the Worst Mistake You Make

My proudest teacher moment this year came in the form of a Christmas note from a student – “You taught us that it’s okay not to be ‘perfect’ and that is how we learn…from our mistakes.” I used to have a really hard time admitting that I made a mistake. I would endure the repercussionsContinue reading “Why Refusing to Admit to a Mistake Can Be the Worst Mistake You Make”