Forgiving Yourself

I've done some dumb things.  Some things I'm not proud of. And some that I'm embarrassed about.   I've made bad decisions. Followed by worse ones. And held tightly to some bad assumptions.   I've inadvertently hurt those I've loved. Made others feel badly. And neglected to own up to my faults.   I could … Continue reading Forgiving Yourself

Why Refusing to Admit to a Mistake Can Be the Worst Mistake You Make


My proudest teacher moment this year came in the form of a Christmas note from a student - "You taught us that it's okay not to be 'perfect' and that is how we learn...from our mistakes." I used to have a really hard time admitting that I made a mistake. I would endure the repercussions … Continue reading Why Refusing to Admit to a Mistake Can Be the Worst Mistake You Make

Lessons From the Wake

I'm good at making excuses for my fears. Damned good. In fact, the excuses are real. I just choose to ignore the solutions. But I'm tired of living that way. So I refuse to anymore.   This past week, I had an opportunity to water ski for the first time. Let me clarify. It was … Continue reading Lessons From the Wake


In residential real estate, the value of a property is often found through market comps, the comparison of the property in question to other, nearby residences that are similar. Of course, no property is identical to any other, so adjustments are made to the sales prices of the comps to arrive at a value for … Continue reading Comps

I Never Learned This in School

So December 2013 is another month marked by yet another school shooting. It's almost commonplace now yet as I looked around the excited faces of our middle schoolers at their annual basketball pep rally this afternoon, it's unimaginable. I cannot envision one of them turning on their classmates and teachers with a deadly weapon. I … Continue reading I Never Learned This in School