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7 Reasons to Cross a Finish Line During Your Divorce

Divorce is often a long process. Apart from assembling the required documentation, writing checks to your attorney and making the requisite trips to IKEA (where you fight with college kids over the practical and...


Five Years Ago Today

Five years ago today, I awoke afraid of seeing the man who had abandoned me eight months before. And when he passed me in the courthouse hall, I didn’t even recognize him. Five years...


When Will My Divorce Be Over?

When will my divorce be over? It seems like such a clear-cut question, doesn’t it? Obviously, the divorce is over when the legal process is finalized and you receive a decree embossed with your...


Lessons From the Wake

I’m good at making excuses for my fears. Damned good. In fact, the excuses are real. I just choose to ignore the solutions. But I’m tired of living that way. So I refuse to...

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