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I Needed Him to Face the Consequences, Yet I Was the One Who Paid

“I need for him to face the consequences of what he has done.” I vocalized those words to my parents when we first discovered that my husband had committed marital embezzlement and felony bigamy....

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Why Refusing to Admit to a Mistake Can Be the Worst Mistake You Make

My proudest teacher moment this year came in the form of a Christmas note from a student – “You taught us that it’s okay not to be ‘perfect’ and that is how we learn…from...


I Screwed Up

One of the traits I most admire in my now-husband is his willingness to admit when he screws something up. I shared this image with him a few months back: His response? “I must...

When Am I Ever Gonna Use This? 1

When Am I Ever Gonna Use This?

“When am I ever gonna use this?” As an eighth-grade algebra teacher, I hear this refrain at least once a week. It’s a difficult question to answer. I mean, when is the last time...

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