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I Needed Him to Face the Consequences, Yet I Was the One Who Paid

“I need for him to face the consequences of what he has done.” I vocalized those words to my parents when we first discovered that my husband had committed marital embezzlement and felony bigamy....


5 Tips For Managing Your Pre-Divorce Anxiety

We often speak of divorce as if it is a single act, a sudden switch from partnered to single. As though there is no time elapsed between the decision to split and the final...

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8 Years Ago Today

There’s something about the tangible signs of the passage of time that makes it all the more real. I had a precious visit with my dear friend and her daughter last Sunday. This was...


If I Had Known This One Thing, I Would Have Divorced Differently

When I first hired my attorney, I was pursuing a divorce through publication (not that I even knew what that was until I was left with a text message and a husband that then...


Guest Post – Divorcing a Narcissist Is Tough

I’m often grateful that I didn’t have children on my slog through the family courts. My experience was horrific, but at the end of the day, there were some battles I could elect not...

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