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Forgiving Yourself

I’ve done some dumb things.  Some things I’m not proud of. And some that I’m embarrassed about.   I’ve made bad decisions. Followed by worse ones. And held tightly to some bad assumptions.  ...


The Science Of Forgiveness

Why is forgiveness so hard? Is it that our pain screams to be heard and validated? Is it because we feel entitled to an apology and reparations for any wrongdoing? Is it coming from...

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Hurt People Hurt People and The Seven Keys of Conscious Compassion

Some of them are hard to love. They come into my classroom with a scowl upon their face and a dark shadow behind their eyes. They sit slumped and defiant or spend the entire...


When You Shouldn’t Forgive

We are told that to err is human; to forgive is divine. But is that always the case? Are there times when forgiveness actually harms you rather than setting you free? Read the article....


Celebration, Enhancement, Intention

I’ve never been one for resolutions. They always seemed punitive to me – starting with the belief that you’ve been “bad” and need to be “good.” They are usually black and white, leaving little...

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