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6 Ways Re-Watching Your Past Can Help You Move On

Brock and I are currently re-watching all of the released seasons of Game of Thrones. We were late to the GOT party, only bingeing on the first 5 seasons just last year. But even...


Why I’m Attracted to People With a Difficult Past

It happens to me all the time. A knowing look between virtual strangers. Words left unsaid yet with full meaning comprehended. A nod to the side, understood to reference “all that”in the midst of...

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The Danger Of Holding On

One of my guilty (okay, so I don’t really feel guilty about it but it seems like I should) summer pleasures is catching a few minutes of television during the day. Last week, I...


Ruminating vs. Processing. Do You Know the Difference?

I often find that people are confused about the difference between ruminating on the past and processing the past. They think they are doing one when, in reality, they are often doing more of...


Past Perspectives

My husband recently had someone from his past get in touch with him after 20 years. The results have been interesting. It’s made my husband reflect back upon a time in his life where...

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