Why I’m Attracted to People With a Difficult Past

It happens to me all the time. A knowing look between virtual strangers. Words left unsaid yet with full meaning comprehended. A nod to the side, understood to reference "all that"in the midst of casual conversation. It says, "I see you. And I see that you have suffered. And even though I don't know your … Continue reading Why I’m Attracted to People With a Difficult Past

The Evolution of Suffering


In the beginning, I embodied the pain. It was thick, viscous, its foulness touching every part of my being until I no longer knew where I ended and the suffering began. I could no more escape its malevolent embrace than I could pull peanut butter from a child's hair.¬†We were one, the suffering and I. … Continue reading The Evolution of Suffering

Memories Do Not Have to Equal Suffering


I met a recent divorcee the other night. I could feel her suffering behind the memories as she recounted the story of her marriage and its demise. The memories were weighted down with the pain relived in the moments or the anguish at the eventual outcome. The memories themselves were like a minefield, one deviation … Continue reading Memories Do Not Have to Equal Suffering

Pissing Contest of Pain

Tiger has a funny habit on walks. Whenever we encounter another dog (especially if it is a male, dominant-type animal), he begins to pee on everything around. He reaches his leg high, sometimes almost losing his balance, just to aim the stream as high on the tree or post as possible. It's as though he … Continue reading Pissing Contest of Pain


I have runner's legs. That's not necessarily a good thing. My hamstrings, hips and IT bands are perpetually tight, pulled taut from a combination of balled muscle and stuck fascia. Not only does it hinder my ability to touch my toes, it also leads to biomechanical issues and pain, especially as I get older. Prior … Continue reading Hamstrung