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Telling Stories: The Lesson in the Brian Williams’ Scandal

I never watch television news. So I had no idea who Brian Williams was until the news about his false claims about his time in Iraq. All of the tidbits I read online or...


The Mourning After

I realized something the other day. I no longer remember my ex husband. Not in any real way. For a long time, when people asked me what I had loved about him, I could...

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Memories Do Not Have to Equal Suffering

I met a recent divorcee the other night. I could feel her suffering behind the memories as she recounted the story of her marriage and its demise. The memories were weighted down with the...



I spend a lot of time thinking about habits – the good, the bad, the intentional and the wholly accidental. In my own life, I have become aware of and am addressing my habits...


Layering Isn’t Just for Sweaters

One of the most difficult aspects of separation is dealing with the memories.  I remember on my first solo grocery shopping trip, I burst into tears at the sight of the sparkling water my...

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