Telling Stories: The Lesson in the Brian Williams’ Scandal

I never watch television news. So I had no idea who Brian Williams was until the news about his false claims about his time in Iraq. All of the tidbits I read online or heard on the radio took the position that he intentionally and willfully fabricated these stories. Until I came across this one.Continue reading “Telling Stories: The Lesson in the Brian Williams’ Scandal”

The Mourning After

I realized something the other day. I no longer remember my ex husband. Not in any real way. For a long time, when people asked me what I had loved about him, I could tap into the old feelings and describe the relationship we had (at least from my perspective). With the retelling came theContinue reading “The Mourning After”

Memories Do Not Have to Equal Suffering

I met a recent divorcee the other night. I could feel her suffering behind the memories as she recounted the story of her marriage and its demise. The memories were weighted down with the pain relived in the moments or the anguish at the eventual outcome. The memories themselves were like a minefield, one deviationContinue reading “Memories Do Not Have to Equal Suffering”


I spend a lot of time thinking about habits – the good, the bad, the intentional and the wholly accidental. In my own life, I have become aware of and am addressing my habits of mind that lead me to anxious thoughts and a propensity to becoming overwhelmed. I have removed some habits (okay, maybeContinue reading “Homeostatic”