Looking For a Challenge

Kazh’s training is progressing well. He’s super-responsive, wants to please his humans and hasn’t shown any signs of aggression. Based on observing him in many situations, our biggest obstacles are going to be building his confidence and working to moderate his tendency towards excited dominance behaviors. Yesterday, we loaded him up with a weighted packContinue reading “Looking For a Challenge”

Guest Post: The Healing Gift of a Dog’s Love

by Meagan Hanley Depression is a very real and debilitating illness. It can come and go, reappearing out of the blue, even when the sun is out and birds are chirping. The condition can be genetic, or situational, or both. For me, it was the culmination of too many stressors that came all at once knockingContinue reading “Guest Post: The Healing Gift of a Dog’s Love”

The Anti-Victim

Whenever we take Tiger to the dog park, I like to step back and observe the interactions of the dogs and the owners. On the best days, all are relaxed and a singular, calm and happy energy flows through the park. On other days, the energy is divisive rather than unifying, a sense of unbalanceContinue reading “The Anti-Victim”

It Doesn’t Matter How You Got Here

Wow. What a week. The wedding was simple, personal and beautiful. The weather cooperated. The venue cooperated. The dog did not. He seemed to have trouble understanding the concept of standing still on a woodland path. Instead of turning his gaze towards the camera, he kept looking wistfully at the trail. That’s okay’ we loveContinue reading “It Doesn’t Matter How You Got Here”