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Emotionally Hungover? How to Get Through the Day

I had an emotional hangover today. Much like the more familiar hangover, it’s caused by excess. Only in this case, the hangover is brought about by too much of the feels than by too...


Here There Be Tears

As a kid, I was always fascinated with the portrayal of old maps. I loved the rather amorphous forms of the landmasses. I chuckled at the fanciful guesses about what might lie beyond. And...


I’m Blaming the Aliens

  I woke up this morning, on my last official day of spring break, to more cold rain and an empty Kindle battery. I was feeling lazy and wanted to enjoy my coffee, so...


5 Benefits Of Bawling Your Eyes Out

All too often, we focus on being strong, remaining stalwart.  This unyielding shell may not reveal the pain inside, yet still it lingers.  Give yourself permission to feel.  Let the armor fall and allow...


Sweat and Tears

The tears were close to the surface this morning. Tears of frustration born from his decisions nickel and diming away my future. Tears of anger at myself for falling for his swindle. Tears of...

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