Divorcing Without Kids Has Its Own Set of Struggles

You know what kind of divorce is the hardest?

Whatever kind you have to go through.

Because it’s hard on everybody no matter the circumstances.

And my circumstances – child free by choice – left me grateful throughout my own divorce that I didn’t have to help little ones navigate a family transition. That certainly made it easier. But still by no means easy.

There is so much written, and with very good reason, about the difficulties and particulars of divorcing with kids.

But nothing at all (from what I’ve encountered) about those marriages that end without kids. And they have their own unique struggles. Learn about them (and the upsides of a childfree divorce ) here.


6 thoughts on “Divorcing Without Kids Has Its Own Set of Struggles

  1. No kids here either. Yes, I have family and friends to talk to, but after work, the house is empty, quiet and I am all alone. The night is the worst time, at least for me. Too much time to think.

  2. I’m just glad my X left after my children were adults. I chose not to discuss the marriage difficulties with either of them while their mother spun many stories. The truth will reveal itself.

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