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How Do You Get Through Your Anniversary After Divorce?

So according to those that monitor traditions, the first wedding anniversary is supposed to be marked with a gift of paper.

So what do you do with the day once the anniversary has been marred by paper? Divorce papers, to be exact.

Those unanniversaries are going to keep coming. So you may as well get good at dealing with them. Here are some suggestions for you implement before the day, on the day and after the day to help make your anniversary a little easier.

Wondering when you will feel better? Here was my timeline for healing after divorce. 


  1. I purposely remembered the first one post divorce, acknowledged it for what it was and then made a conscience decision to not give that date any more energy or significance. I think acknowledging it that first time and allowing myself to mourn it really gave me a chance to let it be what it was.

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