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The 8 Loneliest Moments After Divorce (And How to Lessen Their Sting)

There is no escaping the feeling of loneliness after divorce. After all, a shared life has been cleaved into two separate paths. The sense of isolation is a quiet companion for much of the time,...

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I Wonder

My ex had a birthday recently. His 39th. I wonder if he’s still alive. At the end of it all, he seemed to be on a collision course with an early death. I wonder...


Lonely in Love? How Long to Create a Shared History?

How long does it take to create a shared history? I think I finally have an answer. In many ways, losing the shared history that I had with my first husband was even harder...


Ruminating vs. Processing. Do You Know the Difference?

I often find that people are confused about the difference between ruminating on the past and processing the past. They think they are doing one when, in reality, they are often doing more of...


Are You a Reliable Witness?

When I was in 5th grade, I was in a gifted pull-out program. Two days a week, I got to miss my afternoon classes in order to tackle challenges and puzzles that were outside...

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