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52 Things to Do When You’re Feeling Lonely

Feeling lonely sucks. The sense of being disconnected and unseen can pull us down as certainly as a lead weight affixed to our ankles. Loneliness isn’t always apparent to others. The person who lives...

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The 8 Loneliest Moments After Divorce (And How to Lessen Their Sting)

There is no escaping the feeling of loneliness after divorce. After all, a shared life has been cleaved into two separate paths. The sense of isolation is a quiet companion for much of the time,...

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“I’m Fine.” (But What Are You Really?)

“I’m fine.” How many times have you declared those words? Hundreds? Thousands? Maybe more? And how many times were those utterances accurate, describing your well-being as exceptional? Thriving? Or, in the more modern use...

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