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Why I’m Attracted to People With a Difficult Past

It happens to me all the time. A knowing look between virtual strangers. Words left unsaid yet with full meaning comprehended. A nod to the side, understood to reference “all that”in the midst of...


Footprints on My Heart

The following was one of the responses to my most recent piece on The Good Men Project about how to love someone who is dealing with issues from past relationships:   “I however chose...


How to Love And Be Loved After Divorce

I’ve always hated the term “baggage.”   It implies that that some people are more trouble than they’re worth because of what has happened in their pasts. That those of us who have had...


Trigger Points

As a runner and weight lifter, I am very familiar with trigger points – painful balls of muscle or fascia caused by acute or repeated trauma. They are  hyperirritable, overresponding to even the slightest...



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