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The Pitch-Black Room

Heartbreak is a pitch-black room. At first, you’re disoriented. Confused. How did the familiar world become replaced by this sarcophagus of grief? There are no windows. No doors. Only darkness. […]

get through

We’ll Get Through This Together

There are many words that feel amazing to receive:   “I love you.” “I’m proud of you.” “You are amazing.” “I appreciate you.”   There are times those are the […]

March Reading List

I’m still not quite ready to start writing again. The raw shockiness has passed. I hope. It hit hard this morning- my first morning at home in over 18 years […]

Permission Granted

When I was a freshman in college, I spent a brief period in a grief support group. I was reeling from the deaths of over a dozen friends in the […]


How do you handle your scars?   Not the physical ones, the mottled yet smooth flesh that speaks of wounds to the body. But the emotional ones. The invisible lesions […]

When You Remove a Negative

One of the more difficult concepts for middle school students to master is integers. Specifically, adding and subtracting integers. Even when the concept is introduced with concrete and tangible examples, […]

A Woman I Used to Know

The student pulled a clipboard from the bin. “Who’s Mrs. —?” he inquired, reading my old married name off the back of the clipboard. I smiled, “Oh, just a woman […]

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