When It’s Raining, Let it Rain

I made my intention clear in the first few weeks after the marital tsunami – once the divorce was final and the school year over, I was going to leave my former life behind and move across the country to Seattle. As I saw it, there was only one little problem. The rain. As aContinue reading “When It’s Raining, Let it Rain”

Run the Mile You’re In

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received came from an experienced runner coaching me on my first (and only!) marathon: “Run the mile you’re in,” she said. “At each point in the course, you will be constantly aware of where you are and how far you still have to go. It canContinue reading “Run the Mile You’re In”

It Doesn’t Get Easier; You Get Stronger

I love the feeling of doing something that was once difficult only to find that it has become easy. I have this one running route that I have been frequenting for the last year or so. It is an eight-mile loop from my house through a nearby neighborhood. This particular community is a favorite trainingContinue reading “It Doesn’t Get Easier; You Get Stronger”