5 Things We Hold On To After Divorce

Divorce requires letting go – of the marriage, the dreams, the regrets and even the promises. Yet we often struggle to let go. If feels wrong. Scary. Unfamiliar and untested. So instead, we grip, holding on even when the thing we’re holding on to only causes us harm.   We Hold On to An ImageContinue reading “5 Things We Hold On To After Divorce”

Signs You’re Holding On When It’s Time to Let Go

Letting go is hard. Damned hard. I first learned this as a young child, exploring my grandmother’s basement, packed to the ceiling with carefully labeled and organized items as though she was preparing to seek refuge from the apocalypse. Which, in many ways, she was. She lived through starvation and disaster on the Dakota prairieContinue reading “Signs You’re Holding On When It’s Time to Let Go”

The Danger Of Holding On

One of my guilty (okay, so I don’t really feel guilty about it but it seems like I should) summer pleasures is catching a few minutes of television during the day. Last week, I saw the last few segments of the show, My 600-Pound Life. In this episode, a super-morbidly obese woman was in theContinue reading “The Danger Of Holding On”

Are You a Mental Hoarder?

I saw a promo picture for of those hoarding shows the other day. It showed a woman surrounded by an impossible pile of stuff, trying to look strong, yet you could see the struggle on her face. I did not watch the show, but I gather that she acquired and held onto these items outContinue reading “Are You a Mental Hoarder?”