Saying Goodbye

No goodbye is ever easy. You're never quite ready even when you know it's the right thing. An hour ago,  it was time to say goodbye to Maddy, the feline fuzz-ball that's been with me through all of the transitions over the last 18 years. As far as goodbyes go, it was a good one. … Continue reading Saying Goodbye

Endings Suck

Normally I would try to come with a more upbeat title or at least a clever one. But my brain just isn't there right now. There's no way around it. No sugarcoat sweet enough. It doesn't matter if it's expected and natural. Endings just plain suck. Ms. Kitty, of S**t Where You Eat Fame, is … Continue reading Endings Suck

Pandora’s Envelope

It looked like nothing special really.  A plain brown 13" x 9" envelope.  It sat tucked in a file drawer for two years, its brown frame slightly larger than the file folder which contained it.  Over time, the edges grew a little worn, but the clasp stayed sealed tight.  I didn't think of it often, … Continue reading Pandora’s Envelope

Dogs Tell the Truth. People Tell a Story.

"Dogs tell the truth. People tell a story." Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer It's no secret that I'm a fan of Cesar. His show, The Dog Whisperer, was some of the best therapy I received to help me with my anxiety and trust issues following the divorce. I used many of his ideas in my own … Continue reading Dogs Tell the Truth. People Tell a Story.

Life Whisperer

I started watching The Dog Whisperer about a year after my sudden divorce. Much to my surprise, I learned even more about myself from Cesar Millan than I did about my dog. He always says in his show that he "rehabilitates dogs," but he "trains people." In my case, he helped to rehabilitate me after … Continue reading Life Whisperer