Six Ways That Dogs Help Us Heal

In so many ways, every dog is a therapy dog.   1 - Dogs Are a Reflection of Our Energetic State Watch a dog for any length of time and you will learn things about their human companions. Dogs reflect our inner emotional and energetic state. They become a mirror, often giving us a glimpse … Continue reading Six Ways That Dogs Help Us Heal

These Are the Dogs of Our Lives

I put up a request on my Facebook page last week for people to share pictures of the pets that supported them through divorce. The submissions were equal parts heartwarming and heartbreaking and throughout, it was extremely clear how important our pets are to our mental health. My favorite pictures were the ones that demonstrated … Continue reading These Are the Dogs of Our Lives

Just a Little Reminder That Everything is Difficult at First

Yesterday, we took Kazh to the river for his first swim. The results were hilarious. And also a good reminder to all of us that everything new is challenging at first. And that even when it's hard, it's important to just keep swimming:)    

Online Dating For Dogs

We had two dates set up for Wednesday evening. The first was with a ten-month-old male. His owner needed to part ways with him after the trauma of a breakup and a cancer diagnosis. The other was with a young adult female who had been described by the animal control officer who picked her up … Continue reading Online Dating For Dogs

A Picture Is Worth…

I've been collecting some random pictures recently that I was hoping to spin into full-fledged blog entries. But the pictures seem to be piling up and the posts don't seem to be happening. So I decided to let the pictures (pretty much) speak for themselves. At the dog park, Tiger's favorite activity is to hang … Continue reading A Picture Is Worth…