The Ex Purge: How to Break Up in the Digital Age

From the moment I came home to my husband’s cleaned-out office and a typed letter on the kitchen island, I became a certified professional level cyber stalker. I used Google Earth to get a bird’s eye view of the home he was staying in with his other wife. I learned her school and employment history.Continue reading “The Ex Purge: How to Break Up in the Digital Age”

Pandora’s Envelope

It looked like nothing special really.  A plain brown 13″ x 9″ envelope.  It sat tucked in a file drawer for two years, its brown frame slightly larger than the file folder which contained it.  Over time, the edges grew a little worn, but the clasp stayed sealed tight.  I didn’t think of it often,Continue reading “Pandora’s Envelope”

Learning to Trust Myself

  The hardest part of learning to trust after betrayal has been learning to trust myself. My fiance and his cousin, both huge Ravens fans, were lucky enough to score tickets to the Super Bowl. In New Orleans. During Mardi Gras. Talk about the ultimate boy’s weekend! Brock came back into town Monday night butContinue reading “Learning to Trust Myself”