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Googling your ex 8

Why It’s Time to Stop Googling Your Ex!

I am a recovering Google addict. For eight months, typing the names of my ex or his other wife into that tempting little search bar was my drug of choice.   I was Googling...

comparison 4

9 Ways Comparison Steals Your Joy (And How to Take It Back)

Comparison. We all do it. We see our friends’ vacation pictures on Facebook and suddenly feel worse about our own travels. Instead of celebrating our promotion, we focus on how we still don’t make...


The Ex Purge: How to Break Up in the Digital Age

From the moment I came home to my husband’s cleaned-out office and a typed letter on the kitchen island, I became a certified professional level cyber stalker. I used Google Earth to get a...

facebook marriage 19

A Facebook Marriage (Keep the Smile On Or Else)

I didn’t join Facebook until after my divorce. But if I did have a Facebook page during my first marriage, it would have revealed nothing of the upcoming marital tsunami. You would have seen...


Don’t Believe In Divorce? It Doesn’t Matter.

Search for “divorce” on Twitter, and you find countless posts like the following: I don’t believe in divorce….when me and my partner have problems we will sit down, talk and work it out! Commitment...

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