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Lessons From the End of a Marriage

A “How to Thrive” Guide After Divorce

Why It’s Time to Stop Googling Your Ex!

I am a recovering Google addict. For eight months, typing the names of my ex or his other wife into that tempting little search bar was my drug of choice.   I was Googling my ex, but what I really wanted to find was respite from the pain.    Of course, what I was hopingContinue reading “Why It’s Time to Stop Googling Your Ex!”

9 Ways Comparison Steals Your Joy (And How to Take It Back)

Comparison. We all do it. We see our friends’ vacation pictures on Facebook and suddenly feel worse about our own travels. Instead of celebrating our promotion, we focus on how we still don’t make as much as the guy down the street. We enjoy our home renovation until we enter a more upscale home, atContinue reading “9 Ways Comparison Steals Your Joy (And How to Take It Back)”

A Facebook Marriage (Keep the Smile On Or Else)

I didn’t join Facebook until after my divorce. But if I did have a Facebook page during my first marriage, it would have revealed nothing of the upcoming marital tsunami. You would have seen pictures of us playing with the dogs and working on the house. You would be jealous of our new (and huge)Continue reading “A Facebook Marriage (Keep the Smile On Or Else)”

A Different Kind of November Challenge

It’s November. The leaves are falling. The turkey recipes are circulating. The mustaches are growing. And the internet is awash in NaNoWriMo and gratitude lists. I love those lists. I enjoy reading how people are thankful for their families, their jobs and their health. I smile when I see their pictures of cooing babies orContinue reading “A Different Kind of November Challenge”

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