The Increased Urge to Check Up on Your Ex During Times of Crisis

I’ve had several people reach out to me recently stating that they’re struggling to stay away from contacting or virtually checking up on their ex. It makes sense. After all, when are we most tempted to reach out to the person that once was a source of comfort and stability? When we’re lonely, anxious orContinue reading “The Increased Urge to Check Up on Your Ex During Times of Crisis”

Going “No Contact” – Signs That It’s Needed

Have you recently endured a breakup or divorce and you’re wondering if going “no contact” with your ex is the right decision for you? Here’s what to consider:   There is a History of Manipulation or Abuse At its core, abuse is about power and control. Especially if your ex was gaslighting you or wasContinue reading “Going “No Contact” – Signs That It’s Needed”

Going “No Contact” – Why is it So Hard?

You’ve decided that you should go “no contact” with your ex, but you’re finding that it’s much harder than you anticipated to cut off all contact. Why is it so difficult to go “no contact” after a divorce or breakup?   This Person Was an Integral Part of Your Daily Life Just weeks ago, thisContinue reading “Going “No Contact” – Why is it So Hard?”

Going “No Contact” – Understanding No Contact

No Contact is NOT –   Ghosting Ghosting is an act of cowardice and cruelty. It is ending a relationship without having the difficult conversations and refusing to give the other person a chance to respond. In contrast, no contact is an act of self-care and boundaries. It occurs after the relationship ends and theContinue reading “Going “No Contact” – Understanding No Contact”