How to Handle Being Alone After Divorce

And suddenly it hits you. Maybe the kids are bed and the house is quiet. Too quiet. Perhaps you’re filling out a form and asked to list your emergency contact. You only catch yourself after you start to write your ex’s name. Or, you’re out running errands on a Saturday afternoon when you notice thatContinue reading “How to Handle Being Alone After Divorce”

The Problem With Always Being “The Strong One”

On Wednesday, I taught the wrong lesson to my 6th grade classes. And then on Thursday, I somehow lost the lesson I had previously prepared for my 8th grade classes. Friday was blessedly uneventful and then on Saturday, I walked into my yoga studio without any of my yoga gear. None of this is likeContinue reading “The Problem With Always Being “The Strong One””

Why the Hard Work After a Breakup Is Worth It

“It’s not fair,” I remember thinking. He’s the one that had the affair, led a secret life and committed crimes and yet I was left having to manage the recovery from his actions. Part of me railed against putting in the emotional work to right myself again. After all, if he made the mess, shouldn’tContinue reading “Why the Hard Work After a Breakup Is Worth It”

Summer Reading List

The bookmarked articles have started piling up in my reader again. And since I’m too excited and nervous about my plan to check off a bucket-list item later this morning to write anything profound, it seemed like a good day to share the writings of others. I hope you enjoy the selection and your Sunday:)Continue reading “Summer Reading List”