Mom: A Mother’s Day Tribute

Mom. Such a simple word, yet so loaded with meaning and memory. It’s where we all come from. It’s what we simultaneously yearn for and yet try to escape from. My own mother often jokes that the umbilical cord is never fully cut. It just stretches to accommodate. There’s some truth in that. Although I’veContinue reading “Mom: A Mother’s Day Tribute”

Five Signs You’ve Been Raised by a Therapist

1) The love  seat in the living room was the de facto “therapy couch.” 2) Once you finished reading all the Judy Blume books,you proceeded to the DSM. 3) Instead of being grounded, your punishment consisted of talking about it.  For hours. 4) You used “I” statements to talk your parents into letting you doContinue reading “Five Signs You’ve Been Raised by a Therapist”