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Lessons From the End of a Marriage

A “How to Thrive” Guide After Divorce

Divorce: Expectations vs. Reality

Was your divorce anything like you would have expected divorce to be like? I know mine wasn’t. Not. Even. Close. Movies, books, billboards, magazine articles and my own parent’s divorce created certain expectations in my mind about what I could anticipate from divorce. But the reality? Something entirely different. We think we know about divorce.Continue reading “Divorce: Expectations vs. Reality”

Five Experiences EVERY Kid Should Have

I have now earned the moniker “adventure momma.” Last year, I took my dear friend’s daughter (then eight) on a zip line/aerial course with the promise that, if she enjoyed herself, it would become an annual occurrence. She enjoyed herself. This year, when I presented her with the option of again doing the “kid” courseContinue reading “Five Experiences EVERY Kid Should Have”

What a Thing is Not

Sometimes you have to experience what a thing is not before you can truly appreciate it for what it is. I wound up at the doctor’s office Tuesday night in order to rule out strep (one of the gifts middle schoolers love to give their teachers!). Apart from lethargy and a headache, my primary complaintContinue reading “What a Thing is Not”

A Blogger’s Lament: A Note to WordPress

It feels like you’ve gone from alpha to beta, From starting string to sideline player. The changes you’ve made (meant to improve) Have knocked me out of my blogging groove. The colors, the scale, the overall tools Feels like something designed by and for Playschool. My posts, which I used to find with a clickContinue reading “A Blogger’s Lament: A Note to WordPress”

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