Divorce: Expectations vs. Reality

Was your divorce anything like you would have expected divorce to be like?

I know mine wasn’t.

Not. Even. Close.

Movies, books, billboards, magazine articles and my own parent’s divorce created certain expectations in my mind about what I could anticipate from divorce.

But the reality?

Something entirely different.

Can you relate?

Here are the expectations many of us have before we experience divorce and the reality that we realize only once we’re living it. 


6 thoughts on “Divorce: Expectations vs. Reality

  1. I’m in this rocky boat currently. We had separated then decided to work things out and now we’re back on the fence. When we did first separate it was definitely brutal. My level of hate and bitter was at an all time high. I vowed never to date again. I said I’d be okay with it. I figured we would be able to co-exist in better harmony. All that lasted for a hot minute. Especially the emotions and co-existing. I’d like to think if we enter this road again it’ll be easier. It at least sounds nice when I say it

    1. I bet it would be easier. The first time through something is always the hardest, both because of inexperience and fear of the unknown. Crossing fingers for you…

  2. Yes to all of this! We marry with the firm belief that divorce will never happen to us. And when it does, we believe that we will be the ones to get through it amicably and reasonably. Sadly it can take a long time to realise that the ex you once trusted is now hellbent on destroying you – and by then damage has been done. Like the saying “Trust in God but tie up your camel,” I’d urge all women to get advice and protect themselves and their children, even if you’re convinced that your ex would never behave like that.

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