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Unraveling Expectations: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Join me on a little thought experiment as we consider two different situations… Situation 1 – You go on a blind date, knowing nothing at all about the person before you meet. The date...


Divorce: Expectations vs. Reality

Was your divorce anything like you would have expected divorce to be like? I know mine wasn’t. Not. Even. Close. Movies, books, billboards, magazine articles and my own parent’s divorce created certain expectations in...


Was Divorce What You Expected?


Six Reasons You’re Not Seeing the Results You Expected

This sign welcomed me at the gym today:   Not seeing the results you expected? Visit the training desk to set up your personal training session now!   It prompted me to scan the...

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16 Widespread Misconceptions About Marriage

If I’m honest with myself, I entered into my first marriage with many of these misconceptions. These beliefs made recognizing and admitting to any cracks in the marriage a proposition too scary to face...

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